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Hot water circulator

An Immersion Circulator is a laboratory grade device which consists of a thermostat, pump and a heating element. The device will have some type of controls to allow a target temperature to be set and sometimes a control for the speed of the pump. When turned on, the heating element will heat the liquid while the pump will circulate the liquid. Once the target temperate is reached, the heating element will cycle on and off to maintain the temperature. Most Immersion Circulators will have a temperature range of room temperature. Refrigerated Immersion Circulators also exist, but are outside the scope of this discussion.

Immersion Circulators have been typically used only with in scientific labs, but are emerging more and more in the culinary world. The precise temperature control is perfect for cooking with the Vide method, while the usage of Immersion Circulators with food is a recent development.