About Us

Eliot Plumbing and Heating has provided affordable, efficient, expert service, Eliot Plumbing and Heating brought with a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience operating his business.

Eliot Plumbing and Heating is a full service plumbing company dedicated to delivering exceptional service and warranties to the homeowner, apartment manager or building professional. We employ advanced diagnostic tools to solve your plumbing problems quickly and accurately. Our range of services include expert repairs to existing plumbing water, gas and sewage systems, copper piping, water main replacements, trenchless sewer replacements and tank or tank less water heater installations.

Eliot Plumbing and Heating is a family owned company which has been in business for more than years. Eliot Plumbing and Heating has built his business reputation by delivering high quality plumbing services consistently and caring for one customer at a time. Eliot Plumbing and Heating believes that a customer well served is one that will stay with the company for the future and will recommend the Company to friends and family.

We also have expertise in renovating existing kitchens, baths or laundries to help make your design dreams a reality or to simply upgrade your fixtures with high efficiency products.

Our employees are trained professionals capable of timely and skilled assessment of you plumbing needs and who will deliver a quality job while maintaining respect for you and your property. We will take the time to evaluate and clearly explain the problem, review the options and advise you, the customer on the best solution. We believe in 100 % customer satisfaction.