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Emergency Plumbing

Emergency plumbing services are hard to find, especially during emergencies! An irony it may sound, but the most of the leaking pipes, toilet flushes, broken cylinders, damaged geysers etc have a similar tale to tell. More often, at a time, when you need a good and reliable plumbing service you are left with no option for the Eliot Plumbing and Heating plumber.

In the event of an emergency, call us immediately for fast response or consultation. We’ll do everything to save you time and money with the highest level of comfort and response time. Broken main, sewage and general plumbing problems are serious matters and we strive to rectify problems fast and efficiently. We have a dedicated staff of experts who deal with problematic issues daily. It is our job to service the New York community and our customers with the highest level of integrity.

Eliot Plumbing and Heating have a more professional approach to plumbing services and are highly skilled at the job they do. So to speak, you may now rest your head sinking in a pillow while the professionals fixing your tank! No worries about the quality of the material being used or the kind of work being done.

We will never leave you stranded when you are having an emergency. Our operators are there to answer your calls 24 hours a day – so you don’t have to worry about leaving a message on some machine and wait to have your call returned the next day, when it’s too late.